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Your Professional Journey

Why is professional development important? -- Childhood care and education professionals support children’s development through quality programs and experiences. It is through knowledge, skills and attitudes that the childhood care and education field demonstrates its professionalism. The field of childhood care and education is constantly changing and it is important to keep knowledge and skills current for the children you serve. Your professional development goals are a reflection of your personal interest and the needs of the children in your care.

A professional development journey should be intentional and honor an individual’s investment of time and money. Setting short and long-term goals creates a path to follow as part of a professional journey. In Oregon, there are three pathways to help professionals meet their goals. These pathways recognize that individuals may use a variety of sources of training and education to increase their professional knowledge. The Core Body of Knowledge represents our state’s specific, in-depth professional competencies and standards.

The Oregon Registry recognizes three pathways for professional development:

  1. A degree or certificate pathway (Oregon resources)
  2. A college course credit pathway (Oregon resources)
  3. A community based training pathway (Training Calendar)

The Oregon Registry Steps are the sequence from Enrollment through Step 12 in the Oregon Registry. Each step represents increased training and education in the Oregon Core Body of Knowledge for the Childhood Care and Education Profession. More about Oregon Registry Steps.

The Oregon Registry:

  • Promotes life-long learning for childhood care and education professionals.
  • Recognizes the training and education of childhood care and education professionals.
  • Recognizes the professional experience, personal attributes, and commitment to a professional code of ethical conduct.
  • Contributes to a professional, well trained, and educated workforce.

The Oregon Registry:

  • Provides a structured way for people to enter into and to advance within the field.
  • Provides a basis for status, benefits, and incentives for professionals in the field.
  • Promotes quality of care through learning a core body of knowledge.

Next Steps: Complete an Oregon Registry Application