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Sponsoring Organization Representative Orientation

In order to be Registered Sponsoring Organization, representatives must complete an Orientation to the Oregon Professional Development System and to the Oregon Registry Trainer Program policies and procedures.

The Sponsoring Organization Representative Orientation is offered in six separate lessons with a quiz for each lesson. Representatives may complete it in several ways.

  1. Representatives may read the lessons on-line, by clicking on each individual lesson, downloading and printing the quiz, completing quiz questions for each lesson, and mailing the completed quiz to OCCD. See links to the lessons, quiz, and reference documents below.
  2. Representatives may call OCCD at 1.877.725.8535 or send an email to: to request a CD-ROM or a printed packet with the Sponsoring Organization orientation lessons, quiz, and materials. Representatives may read the lessons, complete the quiz questions for each lesson, and mail the completed quiz to OCCD.
  3. Representatives who are already certified as Oregon Registry Community Trainers or Master Trainers have already completed Lessons #1-#5 and need only to complete Lesson #6.

To view the lessons online, click on each lesson and on the quiz to download them.


To complete the lessons and the quiz, you will need to refer to a few documents:


    If you have any questions about the Sponsoring Organization Representative Orientation content and process, please contact:

    Toll Free: (877) 725-8535; (503) 725-8235
    Fax: (503) 725-5430; Email: