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Meet Professor Olivia Murray
Meet Professor Olivia Murray

Dr. Olivia Murray explores such questions in an attempt to bring about awareness to the more than four million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) school-age youth.

Olivia Murray, EdD, is an associate professor of practice in the Curriculum and Instruction Department at PSU. She completed her doctorate at Portland State University and holds a master’s degree in educational leadership with endorsements in both special education and English language development (ELD). Prior to her doctoral work, she served in the Peace Corps in a South Africa. Living with a host family in a rural village, Dr. Murray's work focused on teacher education and community-based HIV/AIDS education. Her research and scholarly interests include issues of social justice, culturally responsive classroom management, differentiation in elementary classrooms, and the promise of increased awareness about and use of queer-inclusive pedagogy and curriculum in teacher education.

Olivia Murray, EdD
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