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DesignMedix: developing novel, low-cost hybrid drugs to combat drug resistance.
DesignMedix: developing novel, low-cost hybrid drugs to combat drug resistance.

Founded in 2006, DesignMedix specializes in developing drugs to address the medical need caused by the rapid rise in drug resistance. DesignMedix focuses on providing a cure to drug-resistant malaria, creating a drug that will prevent and treat malaria, and producing drugs that will act against a broad-spectrum of bacteria.

With the expertise of David Peyton, Chief Science Officer and Professor of Chemistry at Portland State University, along with Steven Burgess and Jane Kelly, the entrepreneurial skill of CEO Lynnor Stevenson, and the technology commercialization experience of COO Sandra Shotwell, DesignMedix has licensed technology developed in Dr. Peyton’s PSU lab. With their unique, proprietary approach, DesignMedix is evolving drugs that have previously lost their effectiveness into newly effective treatments.

In order to achieve their goals, Dr. Peyton and the team at DesignMedix have developed a unique solution to overcoming drug resistance. By combining agents that reverse drug resistance with drug compounds that have previously been in use but are no longer effective, DesignMedix has created a method for the optimization of new remedies. The benefits of this new method of developing novel, patentable drugs are manifold and include: the ability to reverse drug resistance, the rapid synthesis of new drugs based on drugs already in use rather than on the genesis of new compounds, a process which trims years of laboratory research from development, and synergizing drugs to create greater effectiveness.

Along with being the winner of the 2009 Angel Oregon competition, DesignMedix has been awarded a Small Business Technology Transfer grant, and their lead malaria RCQ drug candidate has been granted Orphan Drug status by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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