Message about campus safety
Author: Monica Rimai and Jackie Balzer, Portland State University
Posted: December 8, 2011

To: PSU community

From: Monica Rimai, Vice President for Finance and Administration, and Jackie Balzer, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs 

The tragic shooting deaths Dec. 8 at Virginia Tech University are a reminder of the importance of campus safety at Portland State University. Our thoughts of support and concern go out to the Virginia Tech community, and our PSU students and staff have our assurance that their safety is our top priority. 

If you have any concerns about safety at Portland State, the following resources are available: 

Campus Public Safety: 503-725-4407 (nonemergency), 503-725-4404 (emergency)

Dean of Student Life: 503-725-4422

PSU employee assistance: 1-866-750-1327

City of Portland emergency services: 911