The Journal of General Education Celebrates University Studies 25th Anniversary
Author: University Studies
Posted: December 13, 2019
A special volume of the Journal of General Education celebrating the 25th anniversary of University Studies is now available through the PSU Library or Project Muse (Volume 67, issues 1 - 4). Since its founding in 1994, University Studies has served as a national model for integrative, interdisciplinary education. The editors of the Journal were eager to celebrate this milestone and to highlight University Studies’ continued commitment to transformative general education. The first double issue focuses on students' experiences and faculty pedagogy and practice, respectively. The second double issue focuses on community-based learning and assessment and ‘making it work’. This volume’s contributors include students, mentors, administrators and faculty from across the university. Rowanna Carpenter served as managing editor for this volume and J.R. “Jones” Estes, Óscar Fernández, and Vicki Reitenauer served as issue editors.


The Journal of General Education dedicated a special issue to UNST in 1999 and in the current introduction, Chris Long and Bethany Laursen recognize that, 

"[a]s it did then, the value today of publishing the experiences of those actively engaged in advancing UNST at Portland State lies in demonstrating what is possible when educators put their deepest commitments into pedagogical practice. The accounts within are textured and compelling, and yet nevertheless they only dimly illuminate the amazing new pathways this program has opened for students, communities, faculty, and institutions over the past 25 years (p. vii)."