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Dean of School of Social Work stepping down
Author: Scott Gallagher
Posted: February 12, 2013

Special Announcement from Dean David Springer

Stepping Down as Dean of PSU School of Social Work

I write today with some hard news to share. I am saddened to tell you that I am stepping down as your Dean at the end of this academic year, and moving back to Austin, where I will return to a faculty position at UT-Austin in the fall. 

The transition to Portland was a tough one for my family.  My wife and son will return to Austin this summer when Aidan is done with 3rd grade.  Living half way across the country from my son is not an option for me and is not congruent with my values as a father.

Provost Andrews and I will work together on a feasible end date and transition plan, but I will not leave before July 1st.

The future of the School of Social Work is important to me, and I am committed to providing as much transparency and consistency as possible during this transition.  Toward that end, I will work closely with Provost Andrews, faculty and staff, our friends in the community, and, of course, you. If you have thoughts to share with me please feel free to email me directly or consider using the suggestions form on our website.

I deeply regret that this new chapter did not work out for my family.  I remain grateful for the opportunity to serve as your dean, and I am committed to working tirelessly as your dean until the end of my tenure.  This is a vibrant and amazing School. I continue to admire and respect you for the work that you do in the School, the social work community and in higher education.

We still have important work to do and I look forward to doing it with you. 

Best regards,