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reTHINK PSU is a campus-wide effort for developing solutions to challenges facing PSU.  

U.S. public higher education faces increasing challenges, including: changing models of educational delivery, declining state funding, alternative credentialing, demographic shifts in student populations, questions concerning the relevancy of the curriculum, increased cost, and increasing legislative scrutiny. Portland State University is not immune to these challenges. 

reTHINK PSU, a presidential initiative at Portland State University, is a campus-wide effort to deliver an education that serves more students with better outcomes, while containing costs through curricular innovation, community engagement and effective use of technology. reTHINK PSU projects follow a well-designed reTHINK roadmap for developing solutions for challenges facing PSU.

The Academic Leadership Team (Provost, Deans and Vice Provosts) identified clusters of overlapping activities for current focus and implementation.


Pathways to Success 

Design structured pathways for community college students to pursue a PSU degree.

  • Ensure curricular alignment with key strategic partners. 
  • Design articulation degree maps for transfer students. 
  • Create program-specific articulation agreements with community colleges and other institutions.
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    PSU Flexible Degrees (2014-2018)

    Proposing both well-articulated pathways for undergraduate students who have attended college without receiving college credentials and creating avenues for graduate students. 

    • Identify PSU degrees where 75% or more of the degree can be completed online; create a work plan for online learning.
    • Develop greater flexibility in on-campus pathways that incorporate credit for prior learning and prior learning assessment.
    • Streamline degrees.
    • Develop accelerated undergraduate and graduate degrees for resident, non-resident and international students.

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    Student Success

    Advancing the goal of 40-40-20.

    • Review, clarify and establish policies and practices that encourage degree completion. 
    • Use analytics and technology to improve student success. 
    • Promote experiential learning and internships as part of career preparedness. 
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      Four-Year Degree Guarantee (2014)

      Launched for the fall 2014 incoming class, PSU promises that full-time freshmen who sign an agreement will get the courses necessary to graduate in four years—or PSU will not charge them tuition for any remaining required courses. Students pay for only four years.

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      Provost's Challenge (2012-2015)

      The 2012 Provost’s Challenge allocated $3 million to fund and support 24 innovative faculty-staff activities to accelerate online learning and the use of innovative technology in educational delivery, and to improve student success and graduation. It was the launching project of reTHINK PSU.

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