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Project #59

Let Knowledge Serve the City and Our Students: Preparing SBA Students for Success by Positioning Practicum/Career Skills as a Centerpiece of the Curriculum by Leveraging the Efficiencies of a Collaborative, School-Wide Credit-based Mini-MOOC

The purpose of the Preparing SBA Student for Success Project was to leverage the efficiencies of a credit-based “Mini-MOOC” to help PSU and the School of Business Administration remain competitive and ensure that students are employable after graduation by providing them with practicums and career skills.


  • Increased access to Internship / Practicum opportunities for students across SBA majors by creating an internal mini-MOOC offered each term and scalable from 20 to 2,000 students.

  • Increased student success by integrating 10 critical employment skills into each internship/ practicum so that students learn about and then immediately apply these skills in real time.

  • Shared our learning modules and best practices with other interested units on campus so that PSU benefits more widely from what we’ve developed and learned.


The project team worked to increase access to internship and practicum opportunities for students across SBA majors by developing and delivering an online internship and practicum course, available to students as a 1 credit or 4 credit course under the Accounting, Finance, Management, Advertising, and Supply & Logistics Management prefixes. Modules were created that focused on NACE’s (National Association of Colleges and Employers) list of 10 most important skills that employers report wanting in those they hire. This approach has allowed students to learn about and then immediately apply these skills in real time.


For more information, please see the End-of-Project Report, Artifacts, and Final Expenditure Report


  • Talya Bauer - Professor, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management


  • Lauren Simon, Assistant Professor, Management, School of Business Administration
  • Jeanne Enders, Executive Director, School of Business Online Initiatives, School of Business Administration
  • Samad Hinton, Director of Online Business Education, School of Business Administration
  • Erica Wagner - Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, School Business Administration



Project Management Plan

Project Plan

Status Reports

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Original Proposal