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Project #169

Making Learning Visible: An Eportfolio Initiative to Transform Learning and Assessment at PSU

The primary goal of the ePortfolio Evaluation Project was to identify the best possible online ePortfolio solution for campus wide use. The main priority was to find a solution that focused on students and learning with a secondary focus on assessment.


  • Engaged the PSU community to generate buy in, educate and inspire creative thinking around a comprehensive ePortfolio solution for use campus wide.
  • Determined the campus-wide requirements for an ePortfolio solution.
  • Conducted research of possible solutions based on “must have” requirements.  
  • Conducted a Request-for-Quote (RFQ# 33534) process.
  • Developed a process and criteria for scoring different solutions.
  • Selected a handful of solutions to evaluate, scored them and selected a solution for implementation (PebblePad).


We have for many years attempted to scale up the use of eportfolios at PSU.  In University Studies the practice has become de rigueur in Freshman Inquiry.  At the Capstone level of the program we have course based portfolios.  In the middle part of the curriculum, Sinqs and clusters, we’ve just begun to incorporate its use in certain courses.

However, student experience with eportfolio on campus remains a fragmented one.  Some may encounter in their Frinq class, and then never again.  Others faces having to do multiple portfolios, one for gened, one for a specific course and perhaps one for their major.  A number of factors contribute to this fragmentation.  But chief among them is the lack of an institutional vision and infrastructure that support eportfolio practices.  This project’s main accomplishment is framing the need, establishing its relevance and significance for a range of other mission critical initiatives and to began laying the foundational pieces of its infrastructure.  Moreover, we have also, set forth a sustainability plan as a culminating deliverable.


For more information, please see the project End-of-Project Report, Project Artifacts and Final Expenditure Report.



  • Yves Labissiere - Interim Director, University Studies
  • Candyce Reynolds - Professor, Educational Leadership & Policy, Graduate School of Education
  • Chris Carey - Associate Professor, School of Community Health, College of Urban & Public Affairs
  • Chuck Lanham - Associate Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology
  • Tyler Matta - Manager, Student Learning & Success, School of Business Administration
  • Rowanna Carpenter - Director of Assessment & Upper Division Clusters, University Studies
  • Sarah Kutten - Student Organization Adviser, Student Activities & Leadership
  • Wende Garrison - Instructor, Child & Family Studies, School of Social Work
  • Mark Terui - Instructional Designer, Office of Academic Innovation 
  • Charlotte Goodluck - Professor, School of Social Work
  • Micki Caskey - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Graduate School of Education
  • Leslee Peterson - Assessment & Partnership Coordinator, Graduate School of Education
  • David Bullock - Manager of Technology & Director of Metro Instructional Support Lab, Graduate School of Education
  • Jeanne Enders - Executive Director, School of Business Online Initiatives, School of Business Administration
  • Karen Bjork - Digital Initiatives Coordinator, Library
  • Mark Faust - Assistant Professor, Engineering & Computer Science, Maseeh College of Engineering
  • Zapoura Newton-Calvert - Capstone Instructor, University Studies
  • Michael Flower - Professor, University Studies
  • Robert Mercer - Assistant Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Kathi Ketcheson - Director, Institutional Research & Planning 
  • Samad Hinton - Associate Director of Course and Program Design, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Mary Ann Barham - Director, Advising & Career Services
  • Leslie McBride - Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health Initiative, Community Health - College of Urban & Public Affairs
  • Shelly Chabon - Vice Provost, Academic Personnel and Leadership Development, Office of Academic Affairs
  • Cornelia Coleman - Project Manager, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Juan Heredia - Assistant Professor, School of Architecture, College of the Arts
  • Alison Heryer - Assistant Professor of Costume Design, School of Theatre & Film, College of the Arts
  • Steve Gance - Instructional Design: Learning Technologies, University Studies
  • Melissa Yates - Pre-Health Adviser, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Mary McVein - Visual Resources Curator, Art + Design, College of the Arts
  • Laura Marsh - Coordinator, Allied Health Advising, Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Johannes De Gruyter - Executive Director, Office of Academic Innovation
  • Chuck Lanham - Associate Chief Information Officer, Office of Information Technology



Project Management Plan

Project Plan

Status Reports

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Original Proposal