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What is it?

PebblePad is a suite of tools centered around allowing students to create online learning portfolios. Aside from its portfolio authoring functionality, PebblePad also offers tools for student assessment, skill development and documentation, as well as life-long professional development.

Why do we have it?

Many current online learning solutions, such as traditional learning management systems (LMS), are focused largely around instructor-generated content and formative assessment of students. PebblePad answers the need for a more student-centered alternative to a traditional online learning environment, and can also provide supplementary space for long-term student work, as well as promote lifelong learning.

When was it adopted?

PebblePad was selected by the Provost’s Challenge team behind reThink project #169 as PSU’s institutional ePortfolio platform. PebblePad was piloted by a group of initial adopters during the 2015/2016 academic year. During this pilot, PebblePad was introduced to faculty, staff, and students who used it in a variety of ways. Configuration and support were fine-tuned and a collection of inspiring examples was begun. PebblePad is now fully available for all students, staff, and faculty to use as both a personal portfolio and as a teaching, learning, and assessment space.

Get Involved

Everyone with an ODIN account already has access to use PebblePad. If your goal is to build a personal portfolio, you can do that now by logging in at If you’d like to use PebblePad for teaching your course, there is a little additional setup required. Please contact the Faculty Support desk to request access to ATLAS, PebblePad’s assessment tool. You will also be provided a brief consultation on ATLAS best practices.

Usage statistics

During the pilot phase of adoption, PebblePad had over 1,000 active users across campus, and already become part of more than 100 courses. Students and instructors alike have since utilized it to create an excess of 4,000 unique portfolios, and the active user count has nearly quadrupled in the last two years. These figures will continue to be updated as Pebblepad’s use expands across campus.

Timeline for upgrades

PebblePad is a web application which is regularly updated with enhancements and new features. The next major update is scheduled for mid September,  which includes major updates to many features, such as rubrics and assessment.   


VPAT is a United States based documentation standard that has not yet been adopted by PebblePad, a company based in the U.K. However, Pebblepad is committed to making all features fully accessible and is working with the Office of Academic Innovation’s accessible technology specialist to establish documentation.

Knowledge Base

PebblePad’s updated knowledge base is now integrated within the platform. You can find it by logging into PebblePad and selecting “Learning Centre” from the homepage. (Please note the British spelling). Additionally, OAI also continues to provide ongoing PSU specific training and articles on our website.