Suwadu Jallow, '18 - Senior Accounting Major, and Economics Minor, Honors Student
Author: Mindy Crouchley
Posted: January 12, 2018
Suwadu JallowWhat Was Your Scholarship Application Process? 
I was mainly looking for scholarships that didn't have lot of requirements; ones that only require an essay or two. It wasn't difficult to apply since it only required general information about me, my education, my career goals, and how the scholarship would help me in furthering my education. I applied for three scholarships total, investing a considerable time in crafting my essay, and getting letters of recommendation from previous professors. I received two out of three scholarships I applied for, and they were enough to cover most of my tuition expenses.

How Much Have You Received in Scholarship Assistance?
My financial aid grants and scholarships cover my full tuition, and I work part time to cover my other expenses, without taking any loans.

Tips for Other Students Applying to Scholarships? 
I recommend students apply for scholarship opportunities to help reduce the burden of paying for tuition, and taking loans. Also don't give up on applying even if you previously applied and didn't receive a scholarship. Opportunities will always come your way and the effort you have to put into the application is minimal compared to the potential benefit. There is nothing to lose at the end of the day, so at least apply because you could receive an award.