Sustainability at BPA 2013
Author: Bonneville Power Administration Sustainability Report
Posted: January 6, 2014

The full Bonneville Power Administration sustainability report is available here. 

An excerpt: 

Waste Management Shows Improvement

BPA has contracted with Portland State University’s Community Environmental Services for the past two years to complete yearly waste material assessments. Landfill diversion rate climbed from just below 50 percent to over 70 percent. Last year BPA diverted over 2,582 tons of materials from the landfill, cut its landfill-bound garbage volume by 30 percent and composted 35 tons of materials.

“Kick the Can” Lets Employees Make a Choice

A concern identified by the waste audit was the number of nearly empty deskside trash liners. Dan Krauss, Supervisory Buildings Management Specialist, joined with Employee Communications and the Sustainability Team to begin the “Kick the Can” campaign to encourage employees to surrender desk-side garbage cans and commit to using the recycle, compost and landfill bins. In return, employees received magnets for their cubes. Displaying a “Kick the Can” magnet shows commitment to sustainability and tells custodians that desk-side trash pickup is not needed at that workstation.