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Author: Here's the latest edition of RSP's Quarterly Review
Posted: December 16, 2016


Here is the latest (Fall 2016) edition of the Research and Strategic Partnerships Quarterly Review. This issue focuses on public health-related research and highlights faculty from the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. RSP would like to thank Dr. Jill Rissi for serving as the guest editor for this edition and extend thanks to everyone who contributed to its production.

Kevin Reynolds
Interim Vice President,
Research & Strategic Parnterships




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Inside this issue of RSP's Quarterly Review:

Introduction (PDF)--Guest Editor Dr. Jill Rissi, Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, OHSU-PSU School of Public Health, provides introductory remarks to this issue of the Quarterly Review.

Harvest for Health (PDF) (PSU)--A partnership between PSU, local farms, and health care providers brings healthy foods to people with diet-related illnesses.

Q & A with David Bangsberg, dean of the new OHSU-PSU School of Public Health (PDF) (PSU)

Simulated Patients Shed Light on Disparities in Access to Health Care (PDF) (PSU)--In the wake of the Affordable Care Act, a new study asks: has access to primary health care changed changed for people with different racial, ethnic, and gender profiles?

Evaluating Oregon's Health System Transformation (PDF) (PSU)--A report from PSU highlights $240M in savings and other successes resulting from the implementation of the state's Patient-Centered Primary Care Home program.

Addressing Diabetes in Indigenous Communities (PDF) (PSU)--Exploring relationships between discrimination and retention in a diabetes prevention program designed to serve indigenous populations.

Disentangling Factors that Influence the Pregnancy Outcomes of Latina Women (PDF) (PSU)--A partnership between PSU and Multnomah County Health Department examines a unique dataset that could inform the development of interventions to improve pregnancy outcomes for Latina women.

Getting the Message Across (PDF) (PSU)--Communicating the importance of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease.

Lessons from the History of Medicine (PDF) (PSU)--A forthcoming book from a PSU history professor delves into the history of efforts to treat and prevent malnutrition in Uganda.

Diatomix, Inc. (PDF) (PSU)--Improving indoor air quality one coat of paint at a time.

On-Site Services Promote Health of Vulnerable Residents (PDF) (PSU)

Healthy Classrooms Designed at PSU Open at Lincoln High School (PDF) (PSU)

Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Exploration Grant Awarded to PSU (PDF) (PSU)

PSU Wins National Award for Community Engagement (PDF) (PSU)

Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change (PDF) (PSU)

Combining Research and Advocacy to Improve Air Quality in Oregon (PDF) (PSU)

PSU Study Shows Global Methane Emissions from Fossil Fuel Production are Increasing (PDF) (PSU)

PSU Awarded $1.2M for Native American Teacher Education (PDF) (PSU)

Who Votes for Mayor In America's Largest Cities? (PDF) (PSU)

A Message from Dr. Karen Marrongelle, dean of PSU's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (PDF)

Elevating Timber to New Heights (PDF) (PSU)--PSU researchers launch a new study to support the construction of wooden skyscrapers.

Research Snapshot Summary (PDF); Comprehensive lists.

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