Party in the Park 2020

Campus activities fair celebrates 30th year with a '90s themed digital party

In a typical year, Party in the Park draws thousands of new and returning Portland State students to the Park Blocks to learn about campus activities, student organizations and leadership opportunities while they enjoy free entertainment.  

Will a global pandemic stop this beloved annual tradition? As if!  

“The year wouldn't seem right if it didn't start with Party in the Park,” says Aimee Shattuck, executive director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs.

Party in the Park is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a '90s themed digital celebration. Beginning September 24th, students will be able to visit an interactive, online environment that will showcase student groups, leadership and volunteer opportunities, campus resources and student jobs. Students can browse and look through opportunities at their leisure over the course of a month.

Over 200 student organizations and programs will offer ways to get involved on campus and sponsors will provide students with coupons and freebies. The festivities will also include a '90s Spotify playlist, trivia games with prizes and even a virtual escape room that will trap students in a 2020 upside down Portland State alternate universe.  

“I have been privileged enough to have attended the last 20 of the 30 years of Party in the Park,” says Shattuck. “It seems almost right that we have been organizing Party in the Park so long that it has now morphed into a fully digital, futuristic model.”

Party in the Park started as a smaller student group fair in 1990, hence the '90s theme for its 30th anniversary. 

“We are now finding ourselves in an all-digital reality that would have been science fiction in the 1990s,” says Shattuck. “So, the theme is fun, it is '90s, it is digital, and it is cow pigeon.” (For the uninitiated, “cow pigeon” is an unofficial PSU mascot, a pigeon with spots like a cow who is often seen hanging around campus.)

Shattuck stresses that student groups and programs are all still active and wanting to include new students. 
“It is more important than ever for students to build their community and stay connected,” says Shattuck. “And, provides over 200 ways that they can do so at Portland State.”

Sound rad? Visit between September 24 and October 31. It will be all that and a bag of chips.