Ooligan Press author Ruth Tenzer Feldman wins Oregon Book Award for Blue Thread
Author: Ooligan Press | College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Posted: April 19, 2013

Portland, OR, April 2013  ̶ Ooligan Press is proud to announce Ruth Tenzer Feldman’s novel Blue Thread as a winner of a 2013 Oregon Book AwardBlue Thread won the Leslie Bradshaw Award for Young Adult Literature, an honor shared with other Portland authors such as Graham Salisbury and Emily Whitman.

Blue Thread is a novel about a young woman named Miriam and her entry into the women’s suffrage movement, which is in full swing in 1912 Portland, Oregon—the last state on the West Coast to deny women the right to vote. Miriam desperately wants to work at her father’s printing shop, but when he refuses, she decides to dedicate herself to the suffrage movement, demanding rights for women and a different life for herself. Amidst the uncertainty of her future, Miriam’s attention is diverted by the mysterious Serakh, whose sudden, unexplained appearances and insistent questions lead Miriam to her great-grandmother’s Jewish prayer shawl—and to her destiny. With this shawl, Miriam is taken back in time to inspire the Daughters of Zelophehad, the first women in biblical history to own land. Miriam brings the strength and courage of these women with her forward to her own time, emboldening her own struggles and illuminating what it means to be an independent woman.

Ruth Tenzer Feldman is the author of numerous nonfiction books for children and young adults, including The Fall of ConstantinopleHow Congress Works, and Don’t Whistle in School: The History of America’s Public Schools. She began working on Blue Thread in 2008 when she discovered the story of the Daughters of Zelophehad in the Torah. Blue Thread is her first novel. Its companion novel, The Ninth Day, is forthcoming from Ooligan Press and will be released November 2013.

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