New Registration Codes in Banner
Author: Bev Lipsitz (503-725-8088) Admissions, Registration & Records
Posted: September 26, 2005

Effective September 26, 2005, there will be a change in the way that a student's registration status is coded in Banner. This will be important to you if your job requires you to review student registration data in Banner, online or in BI-Query reports.

The new codes differentiate between registration transactions performed by staff in the Registration and Records Office and those completed by students through their online Student Self-Services accounts (Banweb). The changes also allow a more automated way to control the timing and availability of Student Self-Service (Banweb) registration by term.

The existing registration codes (left-hand column below) will remain in use for Records and Registration staff data entry only. The new web-equivalent codes (right-hand column below) will be used for Student Self-Service.

Staff Data Entry (Banner) Student Self-Service (Banweb)
Code Description Code Description
RE Register RW Register Web
DD Drop Delete (pre-term) DW Drop Delete Web (pre-term)
DF Drop Full Refund (week 1) FW Drop Full Refund Web (week 1)
DC Drop Course (weeks 2-4) CW Drop Course Web (weeks 2-4)
WC Withdraw Course (weeks 5+) WW Withdraw Course Web (weeks 5+)
WL Waitlist LW Waitlist Web
AU Audit NA Not Available on Web
AW Administrative Withdrawal NA Not Available on Web

OIT has modified existing Banner and BI-Query reports and processes to accommodate these new codes. Please incorporate the new codes as needed in any of your own or your department's custom reports and processes. For example, if you currently use RE to identify all registered students, you will need to change the query to include both RE and RW to find all registered students. Please share this with others in your college or department who need to know about the change.

If you have any questions about the new registration codes, please contact Bev Lipsitz, Banner SIS Coordinator, at or 725-8088.