New Office Space Standards Developed
Author: Campus Planning Office
Posted: February 10, 2014

At PSU, like most colleges and universities, office space and its associated uses consumes a large amount of our total space. Of the space devoted to academics, research and administrative functions, about 35% is dedicated to office space. Being more efficient with office space reduces the university’s overall operating costs, contributes to sustainability, improves equity across campus units, and reduces the amount of future space we need to build or renovate.

The Standards Committee, a subcommittee of the Capital Advisory Committee, reviewed the previous office space standards and determined that they needed to be fully updated. The committee reviewed office space standards from other colleges and universities as well as what is happening in the private sector. After a number of workshops and additional research, the Standards Committee presented a draft of the new office space standards to the Capital Advisory Committee, where they were approved.

The new office standards apply only to new renovations or construction, not to existing office space. The standards prescribe the placement and sizes of offices and office accessory spaces including conference rooms, breakout spaces, community spaces, service areas, and storage. Space standards are implemented by the Space Allocation Committee and Capital Projects & Construction. More information about the Standards Committee and the new office space standards is available on the Campus Planning Office website.

For additional information or questions about the office space standards please contact Jason Franklin, Director of Campus Planning & Design at or 503-725-2031.