Looking Back: Winter 2011
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: February 1, 2011

Vanport Student Council

Flood of May 30, 1948

George Hoffmann

Celebrating the end of World War II

PORTLAND STATE FROM 1946 TO 1955. It was a time of war veterans, a sweeping flood, relocation, and gaining college status. See it for yourself on the University’s new history website at, or better yet, order the book Portland State: A History in Pictures at

RIGHT: Celebrating the end of World War II in downtown Portland on August 15, 1945. Oregon Historical Society, No. 84845.

TOP LEFT: The first Vanport Student Council was pictured in the November 22, 1946, issue of Vets Extended, the student newspaper. The paper was later renamed the Vanguard. Bob Taylor, the first student body president, is seated at far left.

MIDDLE LEFT: The flood of May 30, 1948, destroyed Portland State’s first campus, the Vanport Extension Center. Oregon Historical Society, No. 1689.

BOTTOM LEFT: George Hoffmann, history, was one of the first faculty members. He taught for 35 years and later served as dean of the College of Social Science (today part of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences).