Letters: Spring 2005
Author: Kathryn Kirkland
Posted: May 2, 2005

Enjoyed reading about state's unique history

I really enjoyed the book review "The Far Out Story of Vortex I" and the feature story "Objectors to War" (winter 2005). Both stories were unfamiliar to me and made for interesting reading. For those of us who left Oregon after graduation, it is always funs to be reminded of the state's unique history.

Phil Perisich '64

Faculty members were conscientious objectors

Thanks for the nice piece on the conscientious objectors ("Objectors to War," winter 2005). Professor Katy Barber is doing some promising research on COs in the Northwest during World War II. COs should be of great interest to PSU and its archives. I don't know how many staff and faculty members we had who were COs--probably quite a few. I do know President Branford Millar and professors Channing Briggs, G. Bernhard Fedde, and Charles Frantz all were. The last three are still alive, and professors Briggs and Fedde live in Portland.

Charlie White
Professor Emeritus of History

For additional materials on war pacifists

I've just seen your splendid article on Katy Barber and her work with the students on the Warldport Forest Service interviews ("Objectors to War," winter 2005). Doug Erickson, head of special collections at Lewis & Clark College, and I are, of course, great admirers of Dr. Barber's work, and it's a treat to have this tantalizing, brief taste of the interviews. The Lewis & Clark special collections contain a growing archive of CPS (Civilian Public Service) and pacifist materials, as do the William Stafford Archives. That was also a fine cover photo of (left to right) William Eshelman, Kermit Sheets, and Vladimir Dupre (back view of David Jackson).

Paul Merchant
Director, The William Stafford Archives

Editor's note: The late poet William Stafford was a conscientious objector during World War II and a lifelong war resister. While in a camp himself, Stafford was an enthusiastic supporter of the fine arts group at Waldport, but never resided there.

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