Lecture on the music around us
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Posted: February 28, 2011

Deciding the pending case before TriMet about whether to approve a "singing bicycle path" on a new bridge over the Willamette would be right up the alley of composer and professor Barry Truax, the second lecturer in the new Sustainability + Music Lecture Series. Truax will discuss "Acoustic Ecology" Thursday, March 3, 7:30 p.m. in 75 Lincoln Hall. The event is free and open to the public.

"Acoustic Ecology," sometimes called soundscape ecology or soundscape studies, looks at the relationship, mediated through sound, between living beings and their environment. A composer and professor in both the schools of communication and contemporary arts at Simon Fraser University, Truax is one of the leaders in the field.

In addition to teaching courses in acoustic communication and electroacoustic music, he has worked with the World Soundscape Project, editing its Handbook for Acoustic Ecology and published a book Acoustic Communication dealing with all aspects of sound and technology. As a composer, Truax has helped to define the notion of soundscape composition with pieces like "Dominion," which takes listeners on an acoustic journey across Canada.

In addition to his lecture, Truax will present a free concert of his electro-acoustic music at 8 p.m. Friday, March 4 again in the 75 Lincoln Hall.

The Sustainability + Music Lecture Series, hosted by the PSU Department of Music, draws on fields as diverse as acoustic ecology, cultural tourism, technology, neuroscience, and economics to explore the role that music plays in building a sustainable world.

The series continues on April 14 with trombonist and teacher Jan Kagarice, and concludes on May 19 with anthropologist Rory Turner.