KOIN: Granddaughter, grandfather graduate PSU together
Author: Trevor Ault, KOIN 6
Posted: June 13, 2018

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Jack Whitmore and his granddaughter Bailey Pederson are set to graduate from Portland State University together this weekend.

Bailey is finishing her masters in communications. Jack was enrolled at PSU over 50 years ago, starting in 1964, but he dropped out before he finished.

"I had one too many glasses of wine and I opened my mouth about getting a degree, and then she followed up," he said.

"He had some credits left but he never finished them, I was like, well what if we actually follow up with this?" Bailey said. 

Jack only had two credits to finish. The university signed him up for a writing course and his assignment was to write an autobiography of his education through the years. Bailey was by his side giving him feedback while he did the work.

"He helped me out with undergrad and grad school, so I felt it was really important to help him with this," she said.

They will both walk down the aisle to get their diplomas on Sunday. Then they will have a joint graduation party next month.

Jack said he doesn't plan on following in his granddaughter's footsteps to also get a masters degree.

"No, no, I have my masters in life," he said.