KGW: Portland State changing plans as coronavirus outbreak prompts travel restrictions
Author: Morgan Romero
Posted: February 4, 2020

KGW's Morgan Romero reported on the fallout from the coronavirus-related travel restrictions. 

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From the story: 

With the new travel restrictions in place, Portland State University did have to change their plans.

Christina Luther, Office of International Relations“I don't ever remember there being travel restrictions that have impacted where people go or how people come to the united states,” International Student and Scholar Services Director Christina Luther told KGW.

In this letter posted Friday, leadership said travel to mainland China for university business is suspended.

Three Portland State students are studying abroad in China this term. Luther says the students’ abroad programs are currently moving them to other countries as a precaution.

PSU admitted ten Chinese students for the spring term, and a handful of scholars were planning to come. They no longer can.

“With the travel restrictions that went down on Friday that changes things pretty dramatically because those students who were going to come in the spring term now won't be coming,” Luther said.

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Two scholars from China made it to Portland last week, prior to the travel restrictions going into effect. Luther says they’ve checked on those individuals but are not monitoring them. The university shared information about what to do if they start to feel sick, but we are told the visitors currently "feel fine."

Luther reached out to the 213 Chinese students studying abroad at Portland State. She told them her office is here to help in any way possible and squash misinformation.

“I sent an email out last week just letting them know we’re here. They’re certainly worried about friends and family back home. They’re also concerned that there is a lot of misinformation out there and I’m always on the look-out for how to keep students safe and supported,” Luther said, “I don’t want them to be encountering people who might say something like, ‘oh you’re from China, I don’t want to get sick, I’m not going to be around you.'"