KATU: 10-year-old joins PSU basketball roster
Author: KATU Staff
Posted: April 12, 2018

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Portland State University has a new player on its basketball roster, and he’s just 10 years old.

Stryder officially joined the Vikings on Wednesday. He has epilepsy and connective tissue disorder.

The team found out about him through the nonprofit Impact, which helps improve quality of life for kids with chronic illnesses.

Stryder’s mother said the draft means a lot.

"He can't do a lot of sports, he runs out of energy," said his mom Angela Doescher. "His body just can't regulate very well at all, so having a sport like this and having these men include him and interact and play with him, it's huge."

She added the Vikings are huge role models for her son.

As an official member of the team, Stryder will get to go to practices and games, and wear all the official Viking gear.