Governance and Leadership in Hanoi, Vietnam
Author: Center for Public Service
Posted: January 16, 2012

This past November, members of the Executive Master of Public Administration 2010 cohort had the pleasure of visiting Hanoi, Hoi An and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.  The trip lasted seven days and provided the students with a number of valuable insights into the polity and challenges of the Vietnamese people.

In partnership with the Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics and Public Administration, CPS delivered a custom and comprehensive international field experience centered on the development of new governance processes and structures, as well as new modes of leadership.

In addition, students spent time with staff at the Academy of Policy Development assisting in the development of a proposed Executive Masters of Public Policy degree for Vietnamese students.  

Student reactions to the trip were overwhelmingly positive. Feedback commented on how the trip expanded their worldview of public process and how such experiences will influence their own growth and professional trajectory. One student reflected, “My journey through Vietnam has shifted my internal compass,” while another said, “The trip exponentially expanded my ‘box’ of thinking.” Such transformations, when combined with the other curriculum, illuminate the value of the program’s field.

Previous cohorts have traveled to Lanzhou, China and Seoul, Korea. In Lanzhou, the students participated in the Government Performance Management and Leadership Conference. The focus of this conference was to actively engage in conversations around the creation of new performance measurement and evaluation systems.

While in Seoul, students were invited by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the University of Seoul to observe the city’s public administration and public service processes, and to experience and understand the heart of Korea’s politics, economy and culture during their stay in one of Asia’s central cities.

CPS strongly believes in the field experiences, because students emerge as stronger administrators with a well-rounded understanding of the gravity of the problems they will encounter, while accruing a diverse array of tools with which to solve them.

Given the continued success, marked by the positive student responses, of the international field experiences, CPS is busy planning future trips and exploring further international partnerships.

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