Google Hangouts is now Google Hangouts Meet
Author: Office of Academic Innovation
Posted: June 1, 2018

Google is updating its video conference platform to Google Hangouts Meet. Hangouts Meet will be activated at PSU starting June 18. Google Meet brings several improvements to Google’s current conferencing tool, Google Hangouts. A few new features that may be of interest:

  • Hangouts Meet meetings automatically include a phone number for participants to dial in for just the audio portion.
  • Any invitee can invite other people to join the meeting via the meeting URL.

View OAI’s Google Hangouts Meet Documentation.


As you transition to Meet, there are several important changes to note:

  • Meet currently only supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (version 60 or higher) web browsers. Additional browser support will be added throughout 2018.
  • Existing (Classic) Hangouts URLs will not be updated immediately. You can update an existing Calendar event to use Meet instead of classic Hangouts by removing the link in Calendar and saving the event. After it saves, add the video link, which now adds a Meet video link instead.
  • Our version of Hangouts Meet will not include video recording functionality. Presently, Hangouts on Air via Youtube Live (the way to record classic Hangouts) is still accessible via a verified Youtube account. However, this functionality will be retired with classic Hangouts this year.
  • Classic Hangouts will be phased out over the course of 2018. That means links to Classic Hangouts will no longer work later in the year.

Compare Meet vs. Classic Hangouts. (Note, PSU uses G Suite Education.)