First Car2Go EVs Sighted at Electric Avenue on 1-Year Anniversary
Author: Jeremy Dalton, Portland State University
Posted: August 16, 2012


It was a year ago today that Electric Avenue was launched with much fanfare. The intervening period has been productive on a number of fronts. From product launches to learning about the care and feeding of a charging venue, the past 12-months have been rewarding. It has also been a year in which Electric Avenue garnered much attention, more than a little media coverage, and visits by dignitaries like USDOE Secretary Steven Chu and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, as well as delegations from the Netherlands, Korea, Japan, China, Australia, and cities across North America. 

Yesterday marked another landmark event for this PSU-PGE-City of Portland initiative when the first of's contingent of all-electric Smart Fortwo Electric Drive cars appeared at Electric Avenue. Car2Go has announced it intends to augment its 250 vehicle car sharing fleet in Portland with 30 of the all-electric Smart cars. Read more here.

Portland mayor Sam Adams recently commented, "Adding electric vehicles is the next step in an already successful car-sharing collaboration between the city and car2go. Emissions-free car-sharing is a natural progression for this city’s overall clean transportation plan and our healthy and sustainable future."  We agree! Portland area citizens and visitors have a new way to obtain easy and affordable access to a small footprint, zero-emission city car. Thanks to car2go for investing in Portland's "mobility portfolio" and helping celebrate Electric Avenue's one-year anniversary.