Deborah Smith Arthur, University Studies faculty, will accept a Multnomah County Volunteer Award for the Juvenile Justice Capstone, which she has taught since 2004, at the Multnomah County Volunteer Awards April 18.
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Posted: April 16, 2012

On Wednesday, April 18th, The Department of Community Justice, will honor Professor Deborah Arthur-Smith, during the during the Multnomah County Annual Volunteer Award Ceremony for her outstanding work many hours of service in helping DCJ to achieve their mission.    

Professor Deborah Arthur's Juvenile Justice Capstone Class from Portland State University works with the DCJ every term train 15-20 Portland State University students how to work with inmates in the juvenile detention detail and help facilitate writing workshops using the national curriculum called: The Beat Within (  The Beat Within is a writing forum/publication for incarcerated youth from all over the country.  Detention inmates have been very receptive and open-minded when Capstone students are facilitating the topic/project as the students have had a normalizing affect on youth in detention.

Professor Arthur and 11 other recipients will be recognized for providing a wide variety of experience, enthusiasm and creativity to the DCJ. Congratulations to all of the award recipients; they provide a very valuable service to the Department of Community Justice.

The Multnomah County Annual Volunteer Award Ceremony will begin at 4:45 PM in the Commissioners’ Boardroom  on the first floor of the Multnomah Building. A reception will follow.