CARE Team Updates
Author: Gina Senarighi, Assistant Dean of Student Life and CARE Team Coordinator
Posted: June 13, 2013

Many faculty and staff have come to me in the last year concerned for students on the homelessness continuum.  As you know, too many of our students live in their cars, shelters, or temporary unsustainable living situations.  It can be challenging to know how to help a student in these situations.  Please do not hesitate to call any member of the CARE Team at 503-725-4422 to consult and support your student.

One of the most reliable ways you can help our students with significant economic need is to donate to the ASPSU Student Food Pantry.  The pantry is a great resource for students, but needs your donations!  Bring non-perishable food items, household paper products, and toiletries to 325 Smith.  The pantry is open Monday-Friday from noon to 2:00 pm.  You can also deliver donations to the ASPSU office (Smith 117) or the Dean of Student Life Office (Smith 433) if the pantry is closed.   

If you are looking for additional off-campus resources for students in economic crisis, The Rose City Resource Guide has the most comprehensive information on services, shelters, food boxes, and financial programs.  The online resource guide is updated quarterly.  Street Roots provides free paper copies you can also keep in your office to share with students.   


Thanks to all the faculty and staff who have supported students through these challenges this year.