Attention Undergraduates - Get Your Papers Published!
Author: Anthos
Posted: February 11, 2013


Undergraduates - writing a final paper or poster presentation that you're feeling particularly proud of?  Submit your work to Anthós' Spring 2013 issue!

Anthós is Portland State's only undergraduate research journal. Our goal is to offer undergraduate students the opportunity to publish their original research, and also to provide a venue for our university to showcase the level of excellence that is demonstrable in our undergraduate students.

Though Anthós began publishing the most exemplary work of our undergraduate students in the 1990's, our journal went on hiatus for several years due to lack of funding. However, since 2009 we have once again been offering undergraduate students the opportunity to publish their work, this time in an online format as well as in print. We are dedicated to offering this service to our undergraduate students and also to our university as a whole. 

Anthós is now accepting submissions from all undergraduates!  We are looking for research papers and posters on all subjects.  

In addition to publishing submissions on our website, the 2013 issue of Anthós will feature a printed issue with cover art. All of those who submit and are selected for publication will receive a complimentary copy, with additional copies available for purchase upon request. 

The deadline for submissions in our upcoming Spring 2013 issue is Feb 25, 2013

Submission Guidelines

Papers should be at least 2500 words in length, with the appropriate citation method as required by your field of study. Papers may be submitted via e-mail to Please include the discipline your paper is working within (Humanities, Social Sciences, or Natural Sciences) in the subject line of the e-mail.

Art should be submitted via e-mail as well (in the form of an image file); however, the format of submission is negotiable and dependent on the medium.  If available, please send your art attached to the email in an image file or, if available for viewing on a personal webpage, in the form of a link.  Otherwise, please contact us to set up a time for viewing your art.

Please visit our webpage at or on Facebook at

Paper Selection Criteria

Organized around a clear and logical argument.
Examines an interesting topic.
Supported thoroughly by well-chosen evidence that fits the argument.
Well written and edited.