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Sustainable Business Oregon: 'Virtual museum' shows off Portland's penchant for sustainability
Author: Andy Giegerich, Portland Business Journal
Posted: September 24, 2013

See the original story in the Portland Business Journal's Sustainable Business Oregon here

A 10-year effort by Portland historian Chet Orloff has paid off in what's effectively a virtual testament to sustainability

Orloff, the former Oregon Historical Society director who's now a Portland State University School of Urban Studies adjunct professor, has unveiled his virtual Museum of the City. The offering, which is essentially a Web-based museum, unveiled its its electronic galleries today,

“With increasing numbers of the world’s population moving to cities every year, urban environments are critical crucibles for sustainable living,” said Orloff. “The Museum of the City explores past and present cities, exhibiting the science, art and culture, design and policies, and programs that contribute to sustainable communities.”

The effort will allow urban sustainability students to display different kinds of text, pictures, documents and videos. Orloff worked with the International Council of Museums’ Committee for the Collections and Activities of Museums of Cities on the project. PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions launched the Museum of the City as a 2010 pilot project.

Click through on the picture above for a look at some of the "museum's" exhibits.