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October 11-14, 2014 

Northwest Economic Research Center hosted the 67th annual AUBER conference. AUBER is the professional association of business and economic research organizations in public and private universities. This conference featured an in-depth look at the regional economies of the country, cutting edge methods for research communication, and sessions on environmental policy, new data products, and cutting-edge research papers. 


March 7-9, 2014 

PNREC 2014 was held in Portland on May 7-9 and it was hosted by the Northwest Economic Research Center. The Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Conference is a non-profit organization established to promote research and education on the economy of the Northwest states and western Canada. PNREC 2014 included prominent plenary luncheon speakers as well as the following popular PNREC sessions: a U.S. national outlook speaker, a Canadian outlook speaker, the annual Tiebout lecture and the annual State and Provincial Outlook Session. The 2014 PNREC included also a number of breakout sessions on topics related to the regional economy.


February 6, 2013

Northwest Economic Research Center hosted the Driving Oregon's Economy Event. The event discussed the Oregon Electric Vehicle Industry Report: Drive Oregon and the Portland Development Commission (PDC) commissioned the Northwest Economic Research Center (NERC) to undertake a study of Oregon’s existing EV cluster. This report has two goals: define what we mean when we talk about an EV cluster in Oregon, and characterize and measure the existing EV cluster in order to identify Oregon’s strengths and opportunities. NERC EV Industry Final Report 2013.pdf




February 5, 2013

Northwest Economic Research center (NERC) presented a new briefing of evaluating how Oregon could structure a carbon tax to maximize the economic benefits and revenue generation possibilities. carbontax2013.pdf





Sept. 20, 2012

The Northwest Economic Research Center focuses on economic research activites to support public, non profit, and private sectors in the Sate of Oregon and the Greater Portland Metropolitan area.