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Horizon Edition Magazine: Supporting Roles

The mission of Horizon Edition Magazine is to be the best travel, lifestyle and business publication covering the Alaska Airlines routes flown by Horizon Air.

There is an in-depth article covering Portland's film scene, which cites NERC's study! The article starts on page 24, and our mention is on page 75. Download the article

"A study by the Northwest Economic Research Center at Portland State University showed that when all types of productions, including animation and live action, were factored in, the film/TV indus- try directly accounted for 4,288 Portland metropoli- tan area jobs in 2011 (the most recent year studied by the center), a 16 percent increase over 2007. The total dollar value of goods and services provided in the Portland metro area in 2011 as a direct result of film/TV work was approximately $522 million (page 75)."

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