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Completed Projects









Estimated the economic impact of the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership.


Estimated the economic impact of building a small-scale wave energy generation site in Clatsop County, OR.



Calculated Washington County's expenditures on Homeless Services.


Created maps for the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation's statewide report on health care quality.






PEW Environment Group: Economic Research 


Managing the 2013 State of Oregon Highway Cost Allocation Study. 


Research on Forecasting uncertainty for the Oregon Department of Transportations.


Estimated the return on investment of rehabilitation programs administered by Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Services.


Investigated the effects of implementing a British Columbia-style Carbon Tax in Oregon.


Defined the Oregon Electric Vehicle industry, and created baseline data on the industry and its supply chain.








Investigated the economic footprint of the TV and Film Industry in Oregon and the Portland Metro Area.


Subcontracted on the Oregon Department of Energy's study of the economic impacts of forest restoration.


Subcontracted on the Oregon Forest Resource Institute's economic assessment of the Oregon Forest industry.


Created maps for the Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation's statewide report on health care quality.



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