About NERC

The Northwest Economic Research Center was officially founded in September 2011, but the concept has been in the works for over 15 years. Our mission is to serve the public, nonprofit, and private sectors in Oregon and Southwest Washington with high quality unbiased economic analysis.

NERC aims to:

  • Contribute to analysis of policies with economic implications for the region.
  • Advance the state of knowledge in applied economic research related to Oregon and the Portland Metropolitan Area.
  • Provide high- quality, unbiased research and analysis by drawing on the wealth of knowledge and expertise available at PSU.
  • Facilitate dialogue among academic, business and government institutions on issues related to economics.

The Center produces research and provides advice that is understandable to policymakers and stake holders. NERC brings together researchers from other centers and institutes on campus to serve as a hub for economic issues. In this process, the Institute provides practical outlets and experience for researchers, and trains graduate students interested in pursuing careers in applied economics.

NERC offers superior value to its clients by combining the latest in analytical techniques from the academic world with practical, immediately-implementable recommendations that can be understood by policymakers of all types.