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Here's a listing of some resources covering Native American/Alaskan Native scholarships. There are many resources, too numerous to list. You will have to do some searching.

Many of these scholarships listed require proof of tribal enrollment as well as verification of need (FASFA). In addition, many tribes offer scholarships to their enrolled members, so remember to check to see if yours does. Finally, there are many diversity scholarships that are for underrepresented ethnic minority students which includes Alaska Natives, American Indians, and Native Hawaiians.


  • National Indian Educational Association listing covers a broad range of scholarships and grants for Indian students in various fields of study. .
  • Indian Resource Development shares information primarily for SW and Oklahoma Tribes but it also provides a listing of scholarships by specific fields of study, such as business, agriculture, etc.
  • American Indian Gradate Center, offers a wonderful listing of scholarships available to graduate students, masters, PhD and professional schools. . PSU currently has several AIGCS scholarship recipients.
  • Gates Millennium Scholarships are extremely competitive and require proof of tribal enrollment. You can learn more about this scholarship by visiting this site via the American Indian Graduate Center Scholarships.
  • Indian Health Service provides information  for related scholarships Health Professions.
  • Portland State Foundation  is able to offer scholarships for students of ethnic origin. If you are interested in learning more go to
  • Catching the Dream, Native American Scholarship Fund, has three major components; MESBEC (Math, Engineering, Business, Education & Computers),  NALE (Native American Leadership Education), and TBM (Tribal Business Management.) Applicants should contact CTD by phone 505-262-2351 or

More College & Scholarship Information

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