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Healing Feathers

The purpose of Healing Feathers is to promote wellness to Native American/Alaska Native students of Portland State University and community members. Also, to create an awareness of suicide and its impact on American Indian/ Alaska Native populations.

Healing Feathers is...

Healing Feathers accomplishes this through integrating the unique spiritual and cultural beliefs of American Indian/ Alaska Native students with raising awareness of suicide among the American Indian/Alaska Native populations.

Healing Feathers will provide wellness resources available to students on the Portland States University campus and within the Portland American Indian community. We work to promote an exchange of resources in and give tools to our community.

Our Student Coordinators are trainers in Q.P.R. (Question-Persuade-Refer) and have participated in ASSIST (gatekeeper) training.

Healing Feathers sponsors and conducts various workshops about healthy relationships, managing stress, suicide prevention, physical health, and other aspects of wellness. We are always exploring new workshops ideas and different people to lead them. If you are interested in leading a workshop or have suggestions, please contact us at

Healing Feathers was created in order to bring awareness and prevention tools to American Indian and Alaska Native communities in regards to suicide. Our adults and youth have the highest suicide rates in the United States, two and three time the national rate. Despite these statistics, we believe that we can change these numbers through continuing to honor life and promoting wellness through traditional and cultural means while working with our communities.

Together we can keep our communities healthy.

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