Our Faculty & Staff


As a part of the School of Gender, Race, and Nations we will advance the dynamic interdisciplinary studies examining historically under-served populations and their contributions. The founding units of the School include: Black Studies; Chicano/Latino Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; and Indigenous Nations Studies.

SGRN will forge alliances across disciplines, displacing entrenched orthodoxies and discourses of power and privilege. It will achieve its vision through a teaching and research agenda that critically examines and challenges exclusionary disciplinary boundaries as well as conceptual and systemic borders. It comes as no surprise that that our programs and activities are highly regarded by both our current and former students.


Our Core Faculty:

Theodore Van Alst JR. (Lakota)
Director & Tenured Associate Professor
Parkmill Building RM 145
Email: tva2@pdx.edu

Cornel Pewewardy (Comanche & Kiowa)
Professor Emeritus
Parkmill Building RM 150
Email: cornelp@pdx.edu

Grace Dillon (Anishinaabe)
Tenured Professor
Parkmill Building RM 225
Phone: (503) 725-8144                                            
Email: dillong@pdx.edu

Judy Bluehorse Skelton (Nez Perce & Cherokee)    
Assistant Professor
Parkmill Building RM 239
Phone: (503) 725-9066
Email: judyblue@pdx.edu  

Ho'esta Mo'e'hahne (Southern Tsistsistas and Hinono’ei)    
Scholar in Residence
Parkmill Building RM 277
Phone: (503) 725-9677
Email: moehahne@pdx.edu


Adjunct Faculty:

Rochelle Nielsen (Shoshone/Bannock)
Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Nations Studies  

Sara Siestreem (Coos)
Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Nations Studies 

Monty Herron (Grand Ronde)
Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Nations Studies

Ka'ila Farrell-Smith (Kalamath/Modoc)
Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Nations Studies

Shilo George (Southern Cheyenne/Arapaho)
Adjunct Instructor
Indigenous Nations Studies


Program Staff:

Angela Canton
Administrative Program Assistant
Cramer Hall - Clas Development Suite
Phone: (503) 725-9082
Email: psu12225@pdx.edu

Josh Powell
Program Coordinator
Parkmill Building RM 150
Phone: (503) 725-9098
Email: josh@pdx.edu

Suzanne Lange
Administrative Assistant
Parkmill Building RM 150
Phone: (503) 725-5920

Winston Grady-Willis     
SGRN Director
Parkmill Building RM 141
Phone: (503) 725-9333
Email: wgr2@pdx.edu   


Affiliated Staff & Faculty:       

Katy Barber, Associate Professor, History, CLAS
Virginia Butler, Professor, Anthropology, CLAS
Cynthia-Lou Coleman (Osage), Professor, Department of Communication, CLAS
Cynthia Landrum
Maria Depriest, Associate Professor, English, CLAS
Tim Garrison, Professor, History, CLAS
Tim Anderson, Associate Professor, Engineering, MCECS
Robert A. Ryan, EdD (Mato Topa / Lakota Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation)
Roberto Orellana, Assistant Professor, Social Work, SSW
Jeremy Spoon, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, CLAS
Kelly Gonzales, Assistant Professor of Community Health, CUPA
Anmarie Trimble, Senior Instructor, University Studies
Alma Trinidad, Associate Professor, Social Work, SSW
Tom Larsen, Professor, Head of Monographic Cataloging, PSU Library
Shelby Anderson, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, CLAS
LeaAnn Holder (Chickasaw), Assistant Director, Child Welfare Education Program, SSW
Melissa Bennett (Umatilla/Nez Perce/Sac & Fox), Senior Program Coordinator NASCC, DMSS