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Total Employer Cost of Compensation Study - Phase 2.0
Total Employer Cost of Compensation Study - Phase 2.0


The primary goal of the Public Sector Total Employer Cost of Compensation (TECC) Study is to give elected officials, government managers, and public employees a more complete and comprehensive picture of the aggregate costs of employing personnel in the local and state government sector in Oregon and southwest Washington. Personnel costs for employees are the single biggest component for most local and state government functions (e.g. public safety, maintenance work, internal operations, etc.) By documenting and understanding the components of what we refer to here as “Total Employer Cost of Compensation” (TECC) – as well as the key dynamics within these categories, now and into the future – this effort is intended to help citizens and public sector elected leaders and employees reach the most informed decisions about how best to manage current and future personnel budgets within available resources. In the spring of 2011, the Center for Public Service (CPS) at Portland State University assembled a research team consisting of several faculty members and graduate students, assisted by an advisory panel of members from various professional backgrounds. After an extensive literature search, and consultation with a number of local and state government leaders, it was determined that much of the existing research work to date in the arena of public sector compensation has been fragmentary and of limited usefulness.

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