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Susanne Bahl, M.S.
Susanne Bahl, M.S.

Adjunct Faculty

Criminology & Criminal Justice


M.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Portland State University
B.A., Psychology, Portland State University

Susanne Bahl is an adjunct professor in the Criminology and Criminal Justice Department where she has been a teaching since 2013.  She earned her Masters degree in CCJ at Portland State University, as well as her undergraduate degree in social psychology.

Susanne is an instructor for a popular CCJ and University Studies course on women in the criminal justice system; whether as victims, offenders or professionals. Her teaching philosophy and practice is that learning should be an experience; mentally, physically and emotionally. Her teaching method of experiential learning engages students by demonstrating the relevance of the information learned to "real life,” even as it increases their motivation to learn more.

Susanne’s area of interests in the dynamic field of CCJ include understanding the impact of the criminal justice system on traditionally oppressed populations: women, racial minorities and those in the LGBTQ community. She is also keenly interested in understanding the psychological impact of incarceration on inmates, their families and communities.

Currently, Susanne is working on a book intended for the general public on the workings of the criminal justice system.