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Set to graduate in four years or less
Set to graduate in four years or less

At just 19, Portland-native Jose Lopez Delgado is already a junior and well on his way to graduating from the School of Business Administration as part of the University’s innovative Four-Year Degree Guarantee Program.

Lopez Delgado came to PSU with community college credits from classes he took while a student at David Douglas High School. Those credits allowed him to skip many freshman pre-requisite classes and hit the ground running toward his intended career in human resource management.

The Four-Year Degree Guarantee program offers students added security. If students follow the advice of the program's advisers, meet all requirements and still don’t graduate on time, they’re not responsible for the extra tuition needed to complete their degree.

Lopez Delgado is on pace to graduate sooner than four years, but he says he appreciates the sense of security he gets from the guarantee, “in case anything does happen.” As a first-generation college student, the extra advising and mentorship he received during his first year through a scholarship for Latino students also helped with the transition to university life, he says.

Lopez Delgado hopes to go into human resource management for a big corporation and currently is trying to get a summer HR internship with Target, where he works part time. And that fast pace that’s propelling him through school so quickly doesn’t stop with coursework.

“I like to keep moving and keep busy,” he says. “I currently go to school and work at Target, and I also work at a nonprofit. It makes the time go faster.”