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A film by Matt and John Dean Ossowski

reUtica is a collaborative work by two Utica-born brothers, Matt and John Dean Ossowski. This short documentary shot in Portland, OR and Utica, NY explores sustainability-focused community initiatives in Portland, specifically Our United Villages and Groundwork Portland

The viewer will learn how the reUse of local assets can produce complimentary social and environmental benefits. Addressing important themes to the Utica community such as Housing & Neighborhood Development, environmental sustainability, and public safety, the filmmakers consider how these initiatives might translate into viable alternatives for urban development in Utica.

By reUsing existing infrastructure, embracing history and shifting perspectives, reUtica affirms that green initiatives can take root with minimal cost and high return. By first leveraging human, social and natural capital, communities can speed the reinvention of the great little American city by maximizing these innovative models and move towards a green future.

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John Dean Ossowski

John Ossowski, a Ph.D. student at the School of Social Work, is currently working with the Social Sustainability Network at Portland State University.





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