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Meet Professor Tugrul Daim
Meet Professor Tugrul Daim

Tugrul Daim, Professor
Fellow of the Institute for Sustainable Solutions
Ph.D., Portland State University, 1998
Department of Engineering & Technology Management

The way projects are assigned within a company—making sure they go to the right people and that the projects themselves support the company's strategic goals—is critical to business success. Yet there is little research to show how to do it most effectively.

Another management puzzle is how to assess and integrate emerging technologies into project plans. Technology has become the backbone of almost every industry today, but effective management is required.

Daim's research and teaching revolve around creating roadmaps that organizations can use to integrate emerging technologies into their projects. He approaches the subject from both an academic perspective and his own experience. One of his last career steps before joining the faculty was managing a 300-person microprocessor development team at Intel, with revenues of more than $1 billion.