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Meet Professor Bryant York
Meet Professor Bryant York

Dr. Bryant York serves on the Computer Information Science and Engineering advisory board of the National Science Foundation, is a fellow of the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions, a former member of the Computer Research Association's Board of Directors, a member of the steering committee for the Coalition to Diversify Computing, and a founding director of the Institute for African American eCulture. In recognition of these and many other contributions, Dr. York has been awarded the A. Nico Habermann award, the Richard A. Tapia award, and was recently named one of the top 50 African Americans in Technology.

But, national honors are only a natural by-product of a lifelong commitment to research, teaching, and service in the field of computer science.

Dr. York brings a wealth of experience—academic, industrial, and governmental—to his current position. He was a researcher at IBM Research Labs and Digital Equipment Corporation for several years before coming to academia. In addition to his 17 years in academia, Dr. York spent a year as a federal program director at the National Science Foundation.

His research specialty for many years has been the design of parallel and distributed algorithms for large-scale scientific computations, and he currently maintains an active research project in this area through collaboration with atmospheric scientists at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois. In recent years, he has returned to some earlier work in Artificial Intelligence (AI). In his adaptive learning lab, he and his students are integrating machine learning, data mining, and traditional AI techniques to improve aspects of human cognition.