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Meet Mary Popish
Meet Mary Popish

Mary Popish is the Adaptive Technology Specialist and Alternative Formats Coordinator at the Disability Resource Center at Portland State University. Mary has been working in student services in higher education since 2013. She started her career at the University of Oregon, where she supported student groups and worked in tech support for educational technology and access. Mary also spent a year working in disability services in higher education in Limerick, Ireland, where she appreciated the opportunity to see how student services and higher education operate in a different part of the world. At Portland State, Mary supports student access to adaptive and accessible technology through a framework of equity, social justice, and empowerment.

Mary has a M.S. in education, focusing on information technology and adaptive tools for learners with a wide range of needs. She believes firmly in accessibility to education, and she is a strong advocate for access to higher and continuing education for students in underrepresented communities. Mary loves working in education technology, specifically in adaptive tech, because she believes that access to technology and tech literacy are powerful tools for increasing access to education.

In her spare time, Mary loves traveling, running, and spending time with friends and family.