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Meet Dr. Sally McWilliams
Meet Dr. Sally McWilliams
Sally McWilliams
Chair & Professor, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Department

Literary narrative strategies employed by women and queer writers across the globe; diasporic Chinese women's literature; race and gender in graphic novels; transnational feminist theory and activism.

Scholarly Projects:
My current scholarship has two strands; one focuses on diasporic Chinese women's literature in the form of illustrated memoirs, and the other on narrative representations of the "other." My recent publication,  "Sex in Yop City: Ivorian Femininity and Masculinity in Abouet and Oubrerie's Aya," included in The Blacker the Ink: Construction of Blackness in Comics and Sequential Art (Rutgers UP, 2015), examines the construction of race and gender in a West African urban locale.  I am also engaged in theorizing how a transnational feminist framework reveals the complexities of gender, culture, sexuality, and race in literary works that students often see as outside their spheres of understanding and interpretation.