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Mark Osborn
Mark Osborn

Mark Osborn is a distributed energy resources and smart grid expert with over 25 years of experience in the energy industry developing and guiding innovative and nationally recognized solar and smart grid projects.  At Cadmus, Mr. Osborn is focused on measurement & verification evaluations of DER and solving grid integration issues of DER, primarily storage and microgrids. 

Mr. Osborn is currently working on a large energy storage measurement and verification project involving up to 100 energy storage projects in the State of New York and a demand response evaluation of a large hotel in California involving battery storage, electric vehicle charging and building controls.  As former smart grid manager for Portland General Electric (PGE), Mr. Osborn developed the Salem Smart Power Project, which constructed a whole feeder microgrid supported by a 1.25 MWh lithium ion battery system that operated by transactive control and developed the 1.75 MW Baldock Solar Station and other grid connected solar PV projects. 

He has earned recognition and awards from the Federal Highway Administration for his work on America’s First Solar Highway projects; a Solar Pioneer Award from the Oregon Department of Energy; programs he developed have won awards from the Edison Electric Institute for energy service innovation, the Peak Load Management Alliance for program innovation; and he won an international award from Invensys for Best Human Machine Interface for a software system managing distributed generation, demand response, and solar inverters.  He holds an M.B.A, Finance/Marketing, Portland State University and B.S., Natural Sciences, Western Oregon University and is an adjunct professor at Portland State University teaching a class entitled “Designing the Smart Grid for Sustainable Communities.”