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Laurel Butman
Laurel Butman

Cohort Mentor, EMPA Program

Deputy County Administrator, Clackamas County

Laurel Butman earned her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Oregon – graduating summa cum laude with a BA in Russian Language & Literature – along with a Certificate in Russian & East European Studies. She continued with graduate work at the University, but relocated to Portland and completed her Executive Masters in Public Administration at Portland State University in 2010.

Since May 2010, Laurel has served as one of two Deputy County Administrators for Clackamas County where she focuses primarily on infrastructure. Her portfolio of responsibilities includes Transportation & Development, Water Environment Services (sewer and surface water districts); Business & Community Service (parks, libraries, county fair, economic development and forestry); Finance (including purchasing, facilities and fleet services), and Diversity & Inclusion. Prior to joining the County, Laurel worked 14 years at the City of Portland’s Office of Management & Finance where her last position was as a Principal Management Analyst. She was primarily assigned to strategic planning, budget development and outreach, web services, and special projects in policy and administration.

Laurel attended the City of Portland’s Leadership Institute and served several years as a mentor to later participants; she also serves on Clackamas County’s Leadership Academy Advisory Committee. Laurel’s other work experiences have included nonprofit administration and development positions at an inpatient hospice, an HIV day center, and a center for community media.

In addition, Laurel has held many leadership positions across the years ranging from serving as president of her neighborhood association and several nonprofit boards to leading task forces at the City of Portland and Clackamas County. Laurel also served as a founding member of Portland’s Diversity Development Committee and earned the City’s first Diversity Champion Award for an individual.