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Kelly Craig
Kelly Craig

Kelly Craig, Transfer Admission Specialist

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from and what was your route to Portland State University?
I am from Kirkland, Washington which is East of Seattle. Yes, Kirkland the town is related to the signature brand from Costco. I always get asked that when I tell people where I am from! I had kind of a long route to PSU. After I received my Bachelor’s degree from Seattle Pacific University I moved to Eugene, Oregon where I volunteered with AmeriCorps for two years. I first implemented the ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) program at Lebanon High School. My second duty was as AmeriCorps Team Leader and I was based at the Oregon Student Assistance Commission. I then transferred my knowledge and skills gained from ASPIRE to my position as an Admissions Counselor at the University of Oregon. Afterward I moved to Portland to attend PSU for the MSW program. I was also a Graduate Assistant in the Admissions Office, and now here I am as the Transfer Admission Specialist!

How long have you been working for EMSA and what positions have you had or currently have?
I have been working for EMSA since December 2010 when I became a Graduate Assistant in the Admissions Office. After I graduated from the MSW program I supervised the Telecounseling program in Admissions. My current position is the Transfer Admission Specialist.

What is your major/degree (past or current) and why did you choose it? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work. I have always been interested in the “helping professions” and volunteering to make a difference in my community. Through AmeriCorps I witnessed the many ways that inequity exists in our education system in terms of quality of education and access to higher education. Thus I became interested in social justice and making change to our existing systems. One of my internships through the MSW program was with SUN (Schools Uniting Neighborhoods), coordinating an Early Childhood Education program. I absolutely loved it! 

What do you like about working at EMSA?
In my role as Transfer Admission Specialist I enjoy meeting new people and helping them on their way toward transitioning to a new school. Additionally, I was a transfer student when earning my undergraduate degree and I enjoy working with others that I can relate to and share advice from my experience.

What is a time you had the most fun on the job? 
I have only been in my current role for two months but I enjoy the balance of office work and travel where I get to meet prospective students and community college staff.

What is your favorite weekend activity?
Anything that gets me outside! I do a lot of hiking and backpacking, I have been all over the Gorge, to the top of South Sister and Mt. St. Helens. My next big hiking adventure will be conquering Mt. Adams this summer. 

Where is your favorite place in Portland and why? 
My favorite place/thing to do in Portland is walk along Hawthorne Street and up to the top of Mt Tabor for a view of the city. 

What is the last book that you read?
“A Widow for One Year” by John Irving

If you could travel to any 3 locations, real or fictional, where would they be?
Spain (and I am going there in September, so I get to cross it off!), Peru, Nepal

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
That’s a tough question, whoever knows! Hopefully I will be on my way to owning a house in Portland or the surrounding area, getting more settled J And continuing my career in student support services.