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Executive Seminar Program
Executive Seminar Program

The Executive Seminar Program, an important advanced leadership training program began at Lewis and Clark College in 1977 by then President Dr. John Howard and retired Regional Forester Ted Schlapfer. The program stemmed from the realization that the new environment laws of the prior decade were leading to heightened pressures by diverse interest groups on natural resource policy decisions.

A total of four seminars are held during each program year: three seminars of approximately one week each, which are held on site to reconstruct cases, and a fourth, two-day session on the PSU campus, which concludes the program with a review of leadership principles, techniques for policy resolution and a summarization of insights gained by the participants.  Each seminar reconstructs a natural resource policy controversy by visiting the site of the issue, reviewing background materials and meeting the decisive players in the conflict. Through study of these cases, participants come to understand the complex social, legal and political context of today's environmental and natural resource problems. They can then identify improved approaches, learn effective techniques and develop greater ability to lead in the policy context resource managers face.

Class composition reflects the diversity of players involved in natural resource policy issues. In previous seminars, participants have included federal, state, and local government administrators, tribal leaders, representatives from private industry and leaders of non-profit organizations. Participants should be from the executive level of their respective organizations. Class size is limited to 24 participants, therefore they have maximum opportunity to interact with case presenters as well as with each other.

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